Wild Life

Lark & Key Gallery and Boutique announces ‘Wild Life’, opening Friday June 3rd,  from 6-8pm during the South End Gallery Crawl.  The exhibit will be on view through July 30th, 2016.

‘Wild Life’ features a cast of creatures, big and small, from Elizabeth Foster, Duy Huynh, Vicki Sawyer, Mary Alayne Thomas and guest Susan Hall. The artists explore the wonder and whimsy of the natural world, bringing animals to life in a variety of styles.

Lark and Key Gallery Wild Life exhibition art

A sampling of work from the Wild Life exhibit from (top) Elizabeth Foster, Duy Huynh and Susan Hall and (bottom) Vicki Sawyer, Ronan Peterson and Mary Alayne Thomas.


Foster is a storyteller, whether it be a single fox sitting for a portrait or a group of animals frolicking amongst the landscape, her folk inspired paintings have a feeling of nostalgia. Huynh combines elements from wildlife with the complexities of the human condition to create dreamlike metaphorical narratives. The whimsical paintings of Vicki Sawyer showcase animals, in incredible detail, with flower ‘hats’ and other adornment inspired by their natural environments. Thomas’s colorful, modern day fairytales include flora and fauna in atmospheric settings. Guest artist Susan Hall’s paintings, in soft muted tones, feature timeless animal portraits enveloped by inlaid fabric patterns.

For featured potter Ronan Peterson (Nine Toes Pottery) inspiration comes in the form of surfaces found in nature, specifically growth and decay. His functional earthenware pots are abstractions and stylizations of trees, rocks, mushrooms, seedpods and other natural phenomena; accented with an occasional insect. With a mix of patterns, vivid colors, contrast of glossy and matte surfaces, and thick lines Ronan hopes to create a comic book interpretation of the natural world.

If you would like to be updated about work from a specific artist please email info@larkandkey.com.  Artwork and pottery will be posted on the website upon arrival for the exhibit.