Vicki Sawyer: Work In Progress

Our ‘Garden Party’ featured artist Vicki Sawyer creates a world full of charming bird and animal portraits, each creature adorned with natural materials fashioned into hats, jewelry or masks.  While her work is often whimsical, Vicki’s portrayal of each animal is based in realism. With great detail she captures their essence and allows their personality traits to shine through.

Vicki developed her painting style when she painted murals year ago.  We asked her to take a few shots of a work in progress while she was creating pieces for ‘Garden Party’.

We introduce to you to ‘Rhonda Sue’.

Vicki Sawyer penguin painting - Rhonda Sue - beginning and final

The beginning sketch and final painting of ‘Rhonda Sue’ by Vicki Sawyer, 16″x12″acrylic on canvas.


Vicki Sawyer Penguin painting, four stages of the process

Work in progress. A few of the in-between stages of ‘Rhonda Sue’.


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Images courtesy Vicki Sawyer.