collected and gathered

Collected & Gathered

Opens Friday, August 3rd from 5-8pm – during the South End Gallery Crawl. ‘Collected & Gathered’ is a mixed media group exhibit featuring: Encaustic painting/collage by Bridgette Guerzon Mills. Functional pottery by Colleen Riley (guest). Encaustic assemblages by Janet Eskridge. Ceramic sculptures by Deborah G. Rogers. Woodblock sketches by Leah Mulligan Cabinum (guest). I  … Read more »

Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Bridgette Guerzon Mills is one of the featured artists in our ‘Collected & Gathered’ exhibition. Here she shares thoughts about her artistic expression and pieces created for the exhibit:   “When I was thinking about creating work for Collected and Gathered I really wanted my pieces to communicate how my work, and life in general,… Read more »