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Lark & Key is Moving

    Lark & Key is excited to announce a relocation coming in January 2019.  Every year we re-evaluate the business and make any shifts needed to propel us forward. This time around we found ourselves craving more substantial changes that would allow a bit more freedom from the day to day of a a… Read more »

Summer Camp

We are skipping our exhibition schedule for August.  This month will be a ‘summer camp’ for us, so to speak, as we gear up for the fall. We will, however, still have new arrivals during this last month of the summer.  So step in out of the heat and take a peek! Please note: Closing at 3pm Saturday,… Read more »

What’s New?

New Blog: Welcome to our blog!  This is one of the changes we have made for 2015. When the gallery first opened back in 2008 we had a blog.  Once we started posting on Facebook the blog fell to the wayside.  After much debate we have decided to jump back in!  With the help of writer and… Read more »