Artist Spotlight

Guest Artist: Deborah G. Rogers

Deborah G. Rogers is a self-taught American ceramic sculptor. She uses air-dry clay to hand sculpt charming, narrative pieces that express and communicate her ideas, questions and pent up opinions. Deborah’s work is a combination of her distinct drawing style that developed from experience as both a children’s book illustrator and a pen and ink… Read more »

Vicki Sawyer: Work In Progress

Our ‘Garden Party’ featured artist Vicki Sawyer creates a world full of charming bird and animal portraits, each creature adorned with natural materials fashioned into hats, jewelry or masks.  While her work is often whimsical, Vicki’s portrayal of each animal is based in realism. With great detail she captures their essence and allows their personality traits to shine through. Vicki developed her… Read more »

Featured Potter: Teresa Pietsch

For Teresa Pietsch pottery reflects the need to make objects that are both functional and beautiful. She strives to make pots that people want to touch, hold and use.  She loves the entire process of making from her studio in Penland, NC. The process of throwing and forming functional pieces–while getting covered with clay – is one of her greatest… Read more »

Guest Artist: Bridgette Guerzon Mills

Bridgette Guerdon Mills, an award winning mixed media artist and book artist, is featured as a guest artist in our ‘Waxing Poetic’ exhibition.  Her artwork incorporates a variety of materials including photography, oil paint, acrylic paint and encaustic.  Bridgette is  drawn to the inherent beauty and spirit of the natural world and her artwork is a “personal… Read more »

Artist Spotlight: Kendra Baird Runnels

Kendra Baird Runnels creates visual statements of how and what she dreams, with scenes that are rooted in reality but not quite real. Inspired by relationships and interactions with herself, other people, nature and her faith – Kendra portrays a range of emotions through a variety of subject matter. Studying at the Savannah College of Art… Read more »

Featured Potter: Julie Covington

Our featured potter for February & March is Julie Covington. Julie recently moved her studio from the Phil Mechanic building in Asheville, NC to Marshall High Studios.   MHS is housed in what used to be Marshall High School, built in 1925 on Blennerhassett Island on the French Broad river in downtown Marshall, NC. The spacious new… Read more »

Artist Spotlight: Angie Renfro

  Angie Renfro captures the simple beauty of the often overlooked.  There is a sense of calm and nostalgia in her paintings, her slightly washed-out style “harkens to memory” while her bold strokes in bright colors create tension within the otherwise muted, austere compositions. A native Texan, Angie received her BFA in illustration from the Academy… Read more »

Artist Spotlight: Duy Huynh

  Our final artist spotlight for the year highlights gallery co-owner Duy Huynh.  The Vietnamese born artist creates poetic and contemplative acrylic paintings, drawing inspiration from a variety of storytellers in formats that range from music and movies to ancient folklore and comic book adventures. While much of his work is deeply personal, his clever… Read more »

Featured Potter: Andrew Stephenson

Andrew Stephenson was born in Birmingham, England in 1972 and moved to the states with his family in 1979. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from East Carolina University in 1996.  After graduation he moved to Asheville, NC to take a position as a resident potter at the Odyssey Center for the Ceramic Arts, followed by a two… Read more »

The Jeweler’s Bench: Lisa Hopkins

  Lisa Hopkins specializes in hand fabricated jewelry that features her etched calligraphy and hand-drawn artwork. Each piece she creates in her West Lafayette, IN studio is handcrafted one at a time using traditional metalsmithing techniques. Inspired by meaningful moments and small wonders of the natural world, her work embraces thoughtful words, celebrates nature and reflects upon… Read more »