Vicki Sawyer


About the Artist

Vicki Sawyer’s fun loving personality and enthusiasm for life are evident in her whimsical paintings.  Her influences vary– from past work in graphics, doll making and years of painting murals to an appreciation of all things in nature.  As a child she learned to identify plants on nature walks with her grandfather and soaked up her father’s love for birds.  On a walk several years ago it occurred to Vicki that if birds could build nests, then they could make hats. This inspired her bird paintings in which each bird wears a ‘hat’ of natural materials, with the series expanding to include other creatures and concepts, such as squirrels in masks and rabbits encountering their toy counterparts.

Vicki Sawyer strives to evoke feelings of peace, vibrancy, joy and humor with her artwork.  She currently resides in Franklin, TN.

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