Teresa Pietsch


About the Artist

Teresa Pietsch grew up in Washington state and graduated from Seattle Pacific University. She worked as a Scientific Illustrator until 2001, when she moved to Vancouver, BC and started taking pottery classes at West Point Grey Community Studio. In 2004 Teresa moved to Durham, NC and became involved at Claymakers Community Studio, working as a studio assistant and teaching wheel classes. In 2010 she began as a full time studio potter working as a resident at the EnergyXchange in Burnsville, NC.

Teresa set up her own pottery studio near Penland, NC in the fall of 2013. The process of throwing and forming functional pieces–while getting covered with clay – is one of her greatest joys.

Artist Statement
“My work connects both the functional and the decorative, seeking to make pots that people want to touch, hold, and use. Finding inspiration from trees and plants, my pots reflect ideas that are centered in life, growth, and experience.”