Juniper Bay Metals


About the Artist

Staci Sawyer Phebus of Juniper Bay Metals has been drawn to small things since she can remember. Working in metals has been her passion since 1998, when she took her first jewelry course with renowned metalsmith Bob Ebendorf at East Carolina University School of Art & Design. Staci found the process of metalworking challenging and gratifying. Metal, a seemingly cold and hard material, could be manipulated, formed, pierced, melted, and spread. She quickly shifted her course of study and went on to earn a BFA with a Metal Design concentration in 2002.

artist statement
I find overwhelming beauty within the tiniest of subjects. Delicate subtleties and fascinating textures found amongst naturally occurring wonders are hugely inspirational to my work.

Silver, gold, copper and brass are my preferred metals, especially when they can be recovered from the scrap bin or recycled from past projects. I love incorporating interesting stones and enamel for raw pops of color. Every piece is handcrafted, by me, in my small studio in Raleigh, NC. Starting with both raw and refined materials I utilize multiple processes to handcraft each piece of jewelry – including forging, fabrication, casting, chasing, and stone-setting.

the story of juniper bay
Having grown up the daughter of a waterman in rural, coastal North Carolina, I often heard my father and his friends speaking of fishing spots. Juniper Bay was one such place and the name always resonated. I like the way it feels, the imagery it conjures.