Janet Eskridge


About the Artist

Janet Eskridge grew up in Houston, Texas where she spent time exploring the woods –  observing sunlight and shadows, investigating layers of leaves and brush, imagining treasure maps and hidden cottages. Hours were spent gathering and arranging sticks, feathers, and rocks among the trees.  These early interests transpired into a lifetime of creatively examining the world around her. Eskridge now devotes full-time attention to creating encaustic assemblages from her studio in Lincoln, NE.

Artist Statement
I work in old boxes. I am fascinated by the way they look and feel, their scent and their histories. I use old paper, handmade books, maps, objects, and photographs–all poignant fragments of someone’s story. I incorporate encaustic, a mixture of beeswax and resin, into each piece. For me, art making is an intuitive process. I do not have a preconceived outcome in mind when I begin. I start with an empty box, adding and removing objects and images, until I have a sense that they belong together. This process is repeated throughout the development and completion of each piece.

The space within each box becomes a little world that the viewer is invited to enter and explore. I am intrigued by the metaphors of hidden places, layers, and openings. It is my hope that this work will inspire others to question and examine their own private worlds.

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