Evelyn Ward

About the Artist

Evelyn Ward creates salt fired stoneware pottery for everyday use. She utilizes image transfer techniques to add her drawings and photography to her pots. This process allows Evelyn to incorporate her background in printmaking and design into her pottery.  Evelyn is excited by the surfaces she’s been able to achieve with salt firing and how that has allowed her to explore the relationship between surface and form.  In 1991 Evelyn graduated from California State University at Fullerton with a BFA. She currently resides in Hurdle Mills, NC and teaches workshops at Claymakers in Durham, NC and Piedmont Community College.

Artist Statement:

I truly enjoy making pots. I love the challenge of making a good, useful pot that someone will enjoy using every day. When I sit at my wheel each day I try to focus on how this piece will be used… how the rim will feel against the lip, if the handle will be comfortable to the hand and if this pot’s form will hold someone’s interest years from now.