Elaine Spallone

About the Artist

Elaine Spallone’s journey in clay began when a colleague asked her to take a class at the local ceramics studio, Clayworks Studio in Charlotte, NC.   A simple yes lead to a profound connection.

Using stoneware and earthenware Elaine carves, pinches and shapes the clay into organic forms that are fired in an electric kiln. She is drawn to techniques that do not require many tools and have been used since the beginning of humankind’s relationship with clay. Hand-building techniques such as coiling, pinching and carving, are used for their simplicity and slower pace. Oxide washes and terra sigillata enhance her organic surfaces.


Clay – as a piece of earth – is a powerful way to remember the essence of connection, and certainly how to connect to the earth and to beauty. I love clay because of that. With its quality of memory, demand for patience and ultimate transformation, clay helps me to comprehend the qualities, intricacies and answers to my questions about connectivity.