Carl Linstrum


About the Artist

Carl Linstrum is a professional artist and full-time professor of foundation studies at SCAD Atlanta. The foundation of his work is beauty, in both subject and technique; however, his choices are motivated by his desire for deeper meaning and communication through visual means. His current work addresses themes of family history, the functions (and fallacies) of memory and the importance of spirituality.

Landmark Series:
Everyone is lost at some point. Being lost is scary. Being surrounded by the unfamiliar, in a city, in a forest, in our feelings and in our mind, it doesn’t matter. Most people are very uncomfortable in these situations.Finding the thing that points the way to the familiar – home, safety, happiness, stability – is magical. The transition from being ‘lost’ to becoming ‘found’ renews our purpose and resolve. The Landmark paintings are memorials to this transitional moment.  Finding a marker of the familiar that can lead us back home. In a natural setting, this could be a plant, a rock formation, a blaze on a tree.  In our mind and heart, it can be a voice, a loved one, or a favorite song.  To represent the physical landmark, the paintings draw from actual nature references in plants, branches, flowers, etc. from various hiking experiences.  To underscore the psychological component, all other site detail has been removed and replaced with soft-focus light forms.  These explosions are the epiphanies of the transition.

Fair Warning Series:
These painting represent a moment of high alertness for the animal subjects. They are meant to be playful and thought provoking.  There’s something going on, we just can’t see what it is yet.