Amy Sanders


About the Artist

Amy Sanders received her BA in art from Centre College in Danville, KY. Growing up in southern Ohio, Sanders spent her early years watching her mother and grandmothers sew. Upon moving to Charlotte in 1999 to work in construction for Habitat for Humanity as an Americorps volunteer, she did not have a clay studio in which to create; Sanders began to sew herself. Her experiences with sewing began to breathe life into her clay work. Patterns, textures and seams from fabrics and textiles appeared in her stamped clay vessels..

The physical and creative nature of working with clay satisfies Amy’s desire to play, construct, experiment and yes, to get dirty. She continues to be inspired by textiles and quilting but also pulls influence from architecture and nature. Her work balances the visual elements of form, texture and pattern with utility.

Amy currently works as a studio potter and teaches hand building lessons at Clayworks in Charlotte, NC.

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