Artist Spotlight: Jessica Pisano

Inspired by the natural beauty of her hometown of Martha’s Vineyard, Jessica Pisano’s interest in art started at a young age. She pursued her passion for the arts at Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, graduating in 1999 with a BFA in painting and photography. Pisano participated in... Read More


Lark & Key Gallery and Boutique presents SURFACE, opening Friday, February 3rd from 5-8pm during the South End Gallery Crawl. The exhibit will be on view through March 31st, 2017. The show explores the concept of ‘surface’ – above, below and within.  It features encaustic and mixed media artwork... Read More

Artist Spotlight: Vicki Essig

Vicki Essig is fascinated with light and translucency, the contrast between the fragile, and the strong. With natural materials, she shows the small and delicate as the powerful and significant. Vicki’s work is comprised of fine handwoven fiber, usually silk, horsehair and other natural materials. Occasionally, she uses spun stainless steel and other man made... Read More

Guest Artist: Jeanie Tomanek

We have long been fans of the Jeanie Tomanek’s artwork and are excited to welcome her to our Myth Makers exhibition and for ongoing representation. Jeanie draws upon themes that first developed in her poetry; exploring various feminine archetypes from myths, folk-tales, fairy tales and her own experiences. The natural world as... Read More

Featured Potter: Ronan Peterson

Ronan Kyle Peterson grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina in a small community called Poplar in the southern Appalachian Mountains, an area marked by distinct seasons and the visible cycles of life. The rhododendron filled mountains and hours spent leafing through comics filled his childhood with... Read More

Wild Life

Lark & Key Gallery and Boutique announces ‘Wild Life’, opening Friday June 3rd,  from 6-8pm during the South End Gallery Crawl.  The exhibit will be on view through July 30th, 2016. ‘Wild Life’ features a cast of creatures, big and small, from Elizabeth Foster, Duy Huynh, Vicki Sawyer, Mary Alayne... Read More

Featured potters: Eureka Pots Q&A

We are excited to welcome guest potters, husband and wife Donovan Palmquist and Colleen Riley, aka Eureka Pots, to the gallery. They live and work in Eureka Township, Minnesota. Colleen has been making pots full-time since 2005.  She began her studies at the Northern Clay Center and has continued her education... Read More

Featured Potters: Eureka Pots

Donovan Palmquist and his wife Colleen Riley live and work in Eureka Township, Minnesota (35 miles south of Minneapolis). Their quiet little piece of paradise is a 14-acre parcel with rolling prairies and oak woods, adjacent to a large protected wetland preserve.  Their home and studio (Eureka Pots) were... Read More