Sarah Kaufman

About the Artist

Sarah Kaufman is a Nashville, TN based artist. She creates magical, textural mixed media paintings that explore aspects of the human experience “through the lens of surreal and ethereal narratives”.  Starting with a with a blank canvas Sarah smears, drizzles, and splatters it with venetian plaster and gesso to create texture then seals it with layers of  translucent acrylic paint. The layering builds a rich color field on the canvas. The process is repeated until there is an “energetic, chaotic, lovely mess”. When the base is complete Sarah settles on an idea and starts to bring it to life with oil paint. She starts with under-painting to work out the elements, composition, and proportions then paints in a traditional, more controlled manner to bring the story to life.

My house paintings are studies of energy and our place in the flow of it.  We are both made of energy and surrounded by it.  We borrow it for our lives and pass it back into the flow.  The idea of being separate and distinct from the world around us is an illusion, we are simply a collection of energy for the moment. The houses represent our concept of self, with energy swirling around us in the sky, ground, trees and animals.