Courtney Martin

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About the Artist

Courtney Martin is a full-time studio potter living and working in the mountains of North Carolina near Penland. Courtney grew up outside New York City on Long Island. As a freshman at University of New Mexico, she took a ceramics class on a whim and fell in love with clay. After graduating with a BFA in Ceramics, Courtney moved to Western North Carolina and for four years worked with and apprenticed for potters Terry Gess, Michael Kline, Cynthia Bringle, and others. In 2006, she began making her living as a studio potter. By 2007, she was awarded a Regional Artist Project Grant to fund the construction of her wood-fired cross-draft climbing kiln. Since she first began working with clay over 14 years ago, her work has continued to grow and find audiences all over the world.

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