Anna Johnson

About the Artist

Anna was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. Following a budding passion that developed as a young child, she studied jewelry design and Metalsmithing at Appalachian State University.

Anna currently resides in Asheville, NC where she gathers inspiration directly from the unique flora and fauna found in Western North Carolina. Her work incorporates gemstones and skeletal components among raw botanicals immortalized in metal. Casting, fabrication, and stone setting mixed with found natural material encompass her work.

Artist statement:
I begin my process by exploring my environment down to each element. I aim to recognize the simple yet intricate, fragile and essential beauty that our natural environment holds, along with the interconnectedness and cyclical nature of our world. My work is often an assemblage of natural forms that I have elaborated on through metalsmithing techniques. The delicacy and preciousness associated with jewelry has always been very appealing to me, and I feel that the translation of the organic into jewelry is fitting for the forms that I am compelled to create.